Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pick 'em

First Richard from The Turkey Basters and CKCU's Both Kinds of Music cleared up the pronunciation of Picco's name - it's like pick, not pique. They also christened Picco's band - they are now officially Jetset Motel. After that it was time for a few more rounds of his first-rate country rock.

David Picco, this time with Telecaster.

Jimmy Rose works the guitar.

Sheldon Kelly is their new bassist and backing vocalist.

Dennis Keough - whose name I misplaced last go 'round - on drums (and saxophone, according to the band's Myspace - for this show he left the brass at home).

Jetset action!

If their first fabulous performance at The Dom a while back hadn't led me to buy their album I would have done it again.