Sunday, May 20, 2007

Valley of the Doll

According to Doll's writeup, the band "provides provides the spark necessary to re-ignite the grunge movement" and "the spirit of the band is summed up in the alter-ego named Sally, who’s disturbing life experiences fill out the subject matter sung up by the band." That kind of sounds like a nightmarish combination of Nirvana and Tori Amos, but it was pretty solid 1990s style hard rock in the style of L7 and Hole.

The band also brought a pair of cute dancers to bounce around during the first song.

And now, the band itself: Christina Abraham, guitarist and lead singer. (The underwear is a refugee from The Unavowed's set.)

Veronica Paquette also did some singing, just not here.

Nick Chopz is under there somewhere.

Pete Kasper rounds out the band.

Doll action!

Big finish!

They'll play Zaphod's again May 25.

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