Friday, January 26, 2007

The power of rock compels you!

Last time Rock Plaza Central rolled through town, mainman Chris Eaton dropped me a line asking me to come down to Irene's to catch their set. I made it thanks to some prodigious bicycling on my part and thought they put on a fine show for a moderate sized but appreciative crowd. This time around Zaphod's was packed; in the intervening time they've gotten a lot more attention, including from the well (and unwell)-regarded tastemakers at Pitchfork.

They're ready to fight the power! And they're sharp dressers, too.

Chris thinks.

Fiona Stewart bows, Scott Maynard basses.

Blake Howard looks exactly the same.

Singing, mandolining and trumpeting action!

Accordionist John Whytock is the man!

All you need is duct tape.


They signed a deal with Yep Roc recently, so no doubt we'll be hearing more of them - well, maybe not us, but someone.

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