Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sail away

Once again Ladyfest staged a series on concerts in town and much fun was had by all except me. I worked two out of three days, so my fun was relatively moderate. I did get to see Flotilla again, though, and once again enjoyed their blend of slowcore with electronica tidbits.

Veronica Charnley in smashing frock and a shadowy Benoit Moniere on drums.

Geof Holbrook, multitasking as usual on keys and bass guitar.

Regular harpist Eveline Grégoire-Rousseau was unavailable, so Kristan Toczko filled in on short notice.

Singalong action!

Harpist action!

The whole lot!

There was some last-minute triangle.

Big finish!

One of these days I'm going to have to catch them when they have all their members present and accounted for - which may be Nov. 28, when they perform at 443 Kent St. (or not - I think I'm working that day).

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