Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Overseas operations

And so we say goodbye to August 30 with a set by The Reverb Syndicate to a crowd of people "to poor to afford a cottage" in the words of bassist Jeff Welch. That must be a lot of people, they had a good-sized audience. At the time, they were just planning to head of to Britain and thanking their lucky stars they hadn't booked their tickets on Zoom. Since then the band has returned from their sojourn to England and Scotland and is cooling their jets.

Bending with Mike Bradford, twisting with them Soviet Sisters.

Vic "Vic 20" Rossiter is allegedly still in Britain, no doubt exchanging martini recipes with 007.

Just when I thought I had left my "horrible drummer photo" jinx behind, here's a horrible Mike Rifkin photo.

And so on!

I headed upstairs for a few more shots ... the dancefloor was quite crowded.

There you go then.

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