Thursday, October 16, 2008

Overmind your own business

Toronto's ZERG!, as near as I can tell, are named after a race of hivemind space aliens from the game Starcraft. Unsurprisingly they're a electro-new wave combo. They seemed a bit out of place opening for Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah and The Bella Bombs, but what the hey.

On our left we have some perspex Ampeg rocking and nerd-appreciating with Mobot and Billy G., the heart and soul of Zerg!

And on your right, a couple of ringers. Well, actually Paolo Rizzo on drums and Kirsten Heymann on synths.

Mobot rocks the Yamaha, inasmuch as you can rock one of things.

More Paolo!

They're a blur.

And so on!

Well, not really my bag even though I'd say it was pretty well executed.

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