Friday, October 03, 2008

Major scales

Normally when I go to a show I post a single picture and follow up later with a bunch of other snaps. Since I arrived to late at the Bytown Tavern last night to catch The Gorgons and only caught a half-dozen of The Angry Dragons' tunes I figured I might as well slap up what I have now. They're a fairly fresh Manitoba combo - they started back in 2007 - with a fondness for Link Wray and hairspray and members seduced from the Switchblade Sisters, Brat Attack, Rockdoras and American Flamewhip. Among their covers, The Seeds' I Can't Seem to Make You Mine.

Those Dragons!

Joanne Rodriguez on pink Telecaster and vocals.

Drummer Bill Northcott belts out a version of The Cheater Slicks' In This Town - one of my personal faves.

Anastasia Chipelski on Danelectro bass and checks.

Jen Alexander on non-pink guitar.

And so on!

"Pardon my English - I've been living in a van."

They're hotfooting it back to their homebase of Winnipeg - tonight they play "some place in North Bay."

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