Monday, October 27, 2008

Dental plan

How time flies (not fast enough when it comes to catching up my backlog, but never mind). Sept. 15 I went to Zaphod's to see The Sheepdogs, a highly touted bunch of southern rockers from Saskatchewan. Unfortunately they failed to show, but the other two acts did a decent and excellent job respectively of providing a night's entertainment.

First up, folk duo For the Fairest. They were pleasant, but their most remarkable feature, Jean-Guy Menard's energetic percussion, tended to overwhelm Steph Sears' singing and guitar-playing.



The whole lot!

And so on.

That was followed by New Teeth, a far punchier combo. The tune they have posted on their MySpace makes me think of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - with jabs of guitar and tense vocals.

Lucas MacKenzie sings some; I took a few no-flash photos, this is the only one worth sharing.

Matt Gilmour on bass and mod T-shirt.

Aria Leroux on violin.

Will Staunton on drums.

Smokey action!

Singalong action!

Violin action!

Face-making action!

And some final tambourining from Aria.

Big finish!

No news on future shows, though they do say that if you book them they'll "love you forever!"


Will said...

Hey Andrew,

Just happened to stumble across this while googling myself (I admit it). Glad you liked us! We're back at Zaphod's Dec. 14th - maybe I'll see you there!

All the best,
Will (New Teeth)

A.C. said...

Darn it, I'm working that night until midnight. I'll strive to mention it in my show reminders, though.