Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Brothers blue

We're going to deviate a little bit from the scheme of things, because the next act on stage at Barrymore's was the Brothers Chaffey, who I also happened to see at Bluesfest. So while I'm posting the Barrymore's pictures on what passes for a schedule around these parts, I'm also jumping ahead on Bluesfest posts. Anyone care? Nope, me neither.

Them brothers!

Guitar-raising action from Matthew!

Guitar-raising action from Curtis!

Waltzin' Nick Diak!

Adam Puddington dressed for the sun.

Consultation with bassist Dave MacDonald.

The whole lot!

They also had a guest singer, whose name I didn't catch.

Hmm ... I think it's Kelly Sloan.

And one last shot of Matthew before we move on ...

To Barrymore's that is, a month or so later (August 16, for the precise).

Shadowy action!

Speaking of blue ...

More Nick!

Matthew divested himself of his guitar for much of the set.

And so on!

They have several shows on their plate - first a gig in Adam Puddington's hometown Almonte, Oct. 11 at Groundz, then they're hopping a train in Smith's Falls Oct. 16 (The Canadian Pacific Spirit Train, that is - it's a Winter Olympics 2010 promotion) before returning to Ottawa for an Irene's gig Oct. 18. They also play The Rainbow Nov. 7.

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