Saturday, October 11, 2008

Party animals

I went off to Zaphod's last night for This is Not a Conservative Party!, a cross-continental, rock-the-vote type shindig organized by The Department of Culture, whose mission in life is to evict the Conservatives from office. I keep my political opinions under wraps, being one of those impartial media types, but I'll vouch for the music, starting with locals Sadie Hell - in this case comprised of mainman Ben Welland and drummer Angus Cruikshank.

Vancouver's Brasstronaut finished things off; there was a good audience in the house by the time they were winding down their set. They're certainly a departure from the usual guitar-drums-bass combos I see. The band began as Edo Von Breemen on piano and trumpeteer Bryan Davies; they've picked up a rhythm section of Brennan Saul on drums and John Walsh on standup bass. They add soul and pop influences to a solid jazz backing. Von Breemen sings a bit but the real deal is the group's swinging instrumental prowess.

Like many others, their visit to town is a bit of Pop Montreal hangover; they're off to Windsor today to play the Phog Lounge before heading home.

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