Saturday, October 18, 2008

Liquid assets

Next up at Zaphod's at the end of August, The Bella Bombs. I've seen and posted about them a bunch of times already (this post is going to tie them with The Double Pumpers at 19 if my math is right, somewhere in the Top 5) and I scarcely need to offer introductions if you've been following along. But just in case!

Honey bomb and some expert microphone posing.

E-bomb frets!

Suspect Device contemplates the set list.

Toasting action with turbo-bomb!

Shoutalong action!

Singalong action!

Set the shutter speed way too low action!

And so on!

Riser occupation action!

The whole lot!

As I said earlier, they really kicked out the jams on this occasion.

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