Monday, September 29, 2008

Storm und twang

August 16 I went off to Barrymore's to see The Brothers CD release show. I missed openers Ship-Shapes, but arrived in time to see The Flaps - there first show in a few months since guitarist Pat Lawlor was off in Thailand.

Jon Higney in green.

Looking one way.

Looking the other way.

Bending action!

The whole shadowy lot!

Later on, with better lighting.

Capable as always. Not much shows news on the horizon, except a notice that they're playing a private show at a Halloween party.
  • Show reminder: Evangelicals, The Parenthetical Girls and Glenn Nuotio play Zaphod Beeblebrox ... and unlike most Monday Zaphod's shows, there's a cover charge, so don't leave your wallet at home.

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Shanker said...

Mr. Lawler was recently spotted as the newest hot-shot in The Valley Ramblers, Lonesome Pauls brilliant country & western outfit. A perfect addition in my opinion. Playing again soon this fall.