Monday, September 15, 2008

Shoots and leaves

Back to a sunny Sunday Bluesfest. After getting my ears scorched by Chuck Prophet it was nice to be exposed to the less ear-singeing Acorn. They've been doing a heap of touring lately, hitting the festivals, and suchlike on the back of their much-favoured Glory Hope Mountain.

Rolf and foliage.

Gold Cherry-award winning Howie Tsui should probably get a ukulele-guitar doubleneck.

Speaking of ukulele's here's Jeff Debutte, Keiko Deveaux and a tiny bit of T. Jeffrey Malecki.

Singalong action, plus yet more ukulele from Shaun Weadick (way in the back there).

Rolf singing!

Rolf turning!

And so on.

They've just wrapped up a tour of Europe, will rest a spell in Ottawa then head out for a North American jaunt with pals Ohbijou almost two months long, culminating at Barrymore's Nov. 29.

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