Monday, September 08, 2008

All night fox

Once upon a time Foxfire Forest had nine members and a a disco-pop-funk-rock-gospel sound (you can read Matthew Pollesel's review at i(heart)music for further details). Since those heady days in the spring of 2007 the band has dropped a couple of member - perhaps to avoid the bizarre surfeit of Broken Social Scene references - and the "Forest," and gone a bit more disco.

First we have Hannah Krapivinsky and Neil Rankin in thrilling singalong action.

Sean Dunal gets some drumming assistance from Neil.

Anna Edwards was a fairly restrained presence.

Hannah feels the Neil.

Neil sits around.

Hannah takes centre stage.

Andre Lowy tinkles the ivories, Alex Ralpg plays guitar. Not shown: Ralph's rainbow socks.

Clapping time!

Lowy also handles the brass while Joseph J. Elashuck slings the Ric.

They put on a pretty entertaining set and attracted a bunch of videographers, so if nothing else one hopes Youtube footage will be forthcoming.

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