Thursday, September 11, 2008

Milky way

Les Breastfeeders are one of my favourite bands. I've only seen them live three times - not nearly enough - and they've put on a scorching show every time. Band dancer Johnny Maldoror wasn't around for this gig, but even in weakened form the kicked out the jams in their usual ferocious manner. I can hardly wait for them to come back through town ... but isn't it about time for a new record?!?

It's not a Breastfeeders show with Sunny Duval jumping.

Suzie McLelove handles the poppier end of things.

Bassist Joe.

Luc Brien explains!

The inevitable Pat Sayers.

Singalong action!

Dual guitar action!

Lowering and raising action!

Pointing out Sunny action!

Rhythm section action!

It was getting mighty hot out there.

Big finish!

The band is incidentally heartbroken over the recent disappearance of Johnny's fur vest.

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