Friday, September 12, 2008

Opposition party

Those hep youngsters keep evolving, from the Yardbirds-loving Ride Theory to the Who-enjoying crowd I saw at Barrymore's to their current Simply Saucer-covering iteration. They bring it live (and are pretty snappy on record), so I regretted missing the earlier chunk of their set. On the bright side, they have trophies and letters.

John Smith rocks the bolt.

Shadowy Aron D'Alesio and Noah Fralick ... they're a long way from their besuited days.

Kyle Kuchmey ditches his Tele for some tambourine-smacking action.

What was the name of this band again?

Young action!

Rival action!

The whole lot!

Young Rival is about to embark on a cross-Canada tour and will be returning to Zaphod's with lovable Toronto pop combo The Bicycles Oct. 23.

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