Friday, April 27, 2007

X marks the spot

Xbxrx have a reputation for fun shows; and like opener Elephantoms they put on a physically vigorous performance. Their music has apparently changed over the years from a synth driven noisepunk style to their current, guitar-focused noise catharsis.

Guitarists Steve and Vice Cooler started the band up in Mobile, Ala. - now they're based in Oakland, Calif.

Purple duct tape ... what can't it do?

Running about! I can understand why Vice was limbering up before the show.

Brotherly action!

I can see the headline now: "Photographer squashed by Vice."

The drummer is MC; The bassist goes by WW, near as I can tell. They should sell bracelet with "WWWWD?" on them.

There's no crowd so small you can't surf on it.

Rhythm section action!

Vice Cooler rocks the much-abused Strat.

See that yellow conduit? That's the gas line. Run for your lives!

Big finish!

I picked up their new CD Wars and quite enjoy it. They make a hell of a racket but you can hear the song structure underneath the scree.

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LPC said...

I hadn't seen a guy destroying his drum set for a long time. These guys rocks !