Friday, April 20, 2007

Rude mechanicals

I completely forgot that The Fucking Machines/Devil Eyes show had been pushed back to last night. Dang! Thus, I forgot to alert their loving fanbase via my show reminder (sorry); at least I spared myself missing a short but sizzling set from the Machines last night due to a sudden memory unblockage while bicycling home.

Unfortunately I got to Babylon too late to catch Devil Eyes, who were described as "Bob Loggish" by Kelp Supremo Jon Bartlett last night - next time. As for Ragni pictures ... I'll be going to Les Breastfeeders tonight, so maybe I'll have something up by the weekend.
  • Show reminder: Les Breastfeeders and Xavier Cafeine perform at Babylon; Think About Life, Cliffs (a.k.a. Crystal Clyffs) and Ennuie play Zaphod Beeblebrox. Wayne Petti and Kris Ward perform at Cafe DeKcuf; The BushPilots and Steve Stacey play Irene's

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