Monday, April 16, 2007

Saved for a rainy day

A night off for me usually means a night of music; if I had my druthers (come to think of it, if I even knew what a druther was*) I'd probably have spent Sunday evening at the Interpol show. Unfortunately one of the perils of my job is not always knowing when you're going to be working, and tickets sold out well before I found out I'd have the day to myself. Bummer. Fortunately there was lots of other fine entertainment going on, in the shape of Sadie Hell and Harvee at Zaphod's. Lousy turnout, but a good show.

Those Hellions.

Harvee are sometimes compared to Broken Social Scene. I'm going to have to guess this is because they have more than five members, one of whom plays trumpet. I thought they sounded more like The Wedding Present, which I like.

Then I zipped over to The Rainbow to see if Amos the Transparent were on stage. They had come and gone, if they ever were. This is the headliner, Ragni, who hail from St. Catherines.

They sounded pleasant enough, but not enough to keep me there in my weakened condition (like everyone else in town, the godawful weather has left me feeling low).
* I speak in jest, and am of course well aware that it is a contraction of "I'd rather."

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Calum Marsh said...

How the hell did you manage to go to The Rainbow, get home, and post these photos in...oh, less than an hour? I just walked in the door!!!