Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mother's milk

As Les Breastfeeders frontman Luc Brien pointed out during their action-packed show at Babylon Friday, it has been three years since the band last played Ottawa. Three freaking years! Considering how many instant fans they made at that show, it's a shame they didn't capitalize with a gig a few months later, but oh well! The years peeled away as the band took the stage and rocked out with the same vigour they demonstrated at that fondly remembered performance.

Here's Luc, early in the show, on his knees.

Sunny Duval, rocking out near the finish line.

Suzie McLeLove sings a funny, and possibly funicular, song.

Johnny Maldoror greets the audience.

Joe on bass. I think he's wearing the same shirt as three years ago.

I didn't quite get Luc's introduction of the drummer, so I'll just presume it's Fred Fortin.

Sunny steps up.

The whole lot!

And now ... rock action!

Johnny Maldoror got a laugh out of Luc's band introduction.

Sunny jumps! As he is wont to do.

Luc Brien gets down! As he is wont to do!

Big finish!

Now that was a real rock'n'roll show.

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Trellick Tower said...

I love this collection of shots. Makes me feel like I was there.