Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nuts and bolts

Last Thursday was a good day in Ottawa: The Senators knocked off The Penguins and the weather took a turn for the bearable. And since it was a Thursday, there was Rock'n'Roll Pizza action at Babylon. Montreal's Devil's Eyes were the opener - a guitar-and-drums duo in the Bob Log III vein. I got to the club in time to see them packing up; a few minutes later The Fucking Machines walked or in Johnny Nash's case limped) on stage and tore through a heap of hardcore tunes in about a half-hour.

Nothing says hardcore quite like tie-die.

Memo to self: Turn up flash.

Singalong action with C. Vengeance.

Vino, beer.

Jackson action!

John contemplates how much noise he can make with one drumstick.


I believe the sticker on Johnny's shirt reads 2/$5. That seems a bit cheap, even for a slightly damaged bassist.

@#$!ing action!

Blistering as usual.

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