Saturday, April 14, 2007

Crack it open

Greg Davis has recorded for Carpark, Kranky and his own record label, Autumn Records. He's based in Burlington, VA, these days, but garnered most of his music education in Chicago as a classical and jazz guitarist. Judging from the descriptions of his music that I've read he's altered his style to a large degree. "(G)ently plucked acoustic guitar and natural sounds ... with touches of brass, woodwind, and pedal steel" - was how one reviewer described his 2003 Carpark album Curling Pond Wood. He used a Korg keyboard, mixing unit and laptop to turn long oscillating notes and looped vocal tones into entrancing drones at Babylon when he opened for The Books - not a gentle strum in sight. I'm guessing he's also grown his beard since that review.
And now, on to our remarkably similar selection of pictures. I brought a tripod and remote control unit to Babylon because I figured using a flash during The Books' video projection would be a tad disruptive. I ran about a lot less during this show, so the angle is sometimes less than ideal but there was still a few cool pictures.

I gradually extended the time the shutter was open for these pictures.

The shutter was open for about four seconds at this point. You can see how still the audience was - they were definitely paying attention.

Twist action!

Greg also had a video projection, but it was a bit less involved than The Books'.

I definitely enjoyed it. Put him on tour with Father Moo!

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