Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Watt goes on

Harvee are a rocking Quebec sextet (from Valley field, to be precise) who have been compared to Belle and Sebastien, Morrisey, and somewhat improbably, Broken Social Scene. The former two I can sort of see, given an evident mutual affection for 1960s British pop in all three acts. The latter I don't get at all (well, maybe a flicker or two in their first instrumental number). Perhaps they are a different beast on record. Live they were very active and covered The Kinks' Davie Watts.I could have sworn I heard Phil say he wanted to sleep with Davie Watts, rather than be like the eponymous protagonist. Perhaps I was discombobulated by hearing a bunch of French Canadians sing about not meeting the Queen in English ...).

Phil Guerin on lead vocal and guitar.

Patrick Caza Moogs along.

Carine Durocher also holds down the keys (when not playing vibraphone or trumpet, that is).

Nicolas Berube on drums.

Marc-Andre Gagnon on borrowed guitar.

Mathieu Dube handles the low end.

Harvee action!

Keyboard sharing action!

Rhythm section faceoff action!

And some final twisting from Phil and Marc.

Great set, alas the audience was rather sparse, for the reasons mentioned below .. but just wait until next time.

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Jules said...

Great pictures... amazing band too!
keep it up!