Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Shake the sheets

The Ghost is Dancing is an indie-pop collective from Toronto. That's not surprising, since Toronto is now entirely populated by indie-pop collectives. They'd be comfortable on a bill with The Arcade Fire and Henri Faberge and the Adorables.

Jim DeLuca floats sideways. That's Odie Oderkirk at left.

Jamie Matechuk plays piano.

Gabie Nadeau on accordion.

Sing-and-or-shoutalong action!

Bassist Eric Krumins gets his kicks in.

J. shouts!

Gabie breaks out the tambourine.

Good thing Kevin Corlis stepped out from behind the drums so I could get a decent shot.

I hear they may be returning to Ottawa soon ... exact details unknown. They released an EP earlier this year; a full-length is forthcoming.

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