Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gods and monsters

Any show with the Hi Lo Trons on the bill is more or less guaranteed to be a good show, but the real reason I went to Mavericks (and not Babylon or Irene's) was to catch Avie Tare of Animal Collective and his wife Kria Brekken (formerly of Mum) perform as a duo. It turned out to sound more or less like what I expected, and was also very good.

As a bonus, opener Sadie Hell's set was also good, if short; my first time seeing Cindy Olberg and Ben Welland. They were backed by Angus Cruikshank, the drummer from Clock Strikes.

Avie and Kira.

The Hi Lo Trons closed with what was, for them, a fairly low-key set. They have a new adjunct percussionist in Chris.

Sarah Hallman provided some extra vocals - and of course she releases her new CD at The Black Tomato tomorrow.


Calum said...

Two of Ottawa's biggest bands release new albums this weekend, yet no Carver coverage? Shocked, SHOCKED, I say!

A.C. said...

I leave that stuff to major media outlets like X Press and Mocking Music.

Calum Marsh said...