Saturday, December 23, 2006

Look ma, no head!

I struck up a brief conversation with another concert-goer who asked me if Maserati had been on yet. No, I replied, just the locals Sleeping Pilot and Dr. Wily and The Robot Masters. "What are they like." They do instrumental metal renditions of Nintendo video game themes, replies I. "They couldn't possibly be as good as I could imagine them." His response was partially sarcastic, but in truth they were a bit better than you'd think. They've got chops, and the composers of video game theme music are all pros.

Guitarist Pete rocks the Steinberger.

Fatty rocks the other headstockless guitar ... hey, he's not so fat!

Drummer Tim - also of Deamon.

Six-string-bassist Steph gets in on the tapping action


That was kind of interesting ... might be more appealing to Nintendo addicts, though. A good choice to open the show, I'd say.

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