Saturday, December 16, 2006

Big country

I saw Lil' Andy and Karaoke Cowboy a while back at The Dominion, opening for Reverend Glasseye if memory serves. The lineup's a little different (they have a new man on steel). Otherwise, it was solid baritone barroom country, much as before. He kicked things off with a Hank Williams cover - Ramblin' Man - always a good way of starting things.

They covered Leonard Cohen's Tower of Song, with an intro from Lil' Andy describing his chance encounter with Cohen at a local bank. "I do like country" said Leonard.

Mark Peetsma, looking a bit scary.

At left is Joe Grass - I saw him just a few months ago at Bluesfest.

Ben Caissie prescribes some percussion.

Karaoke action!

There were a few more covers in the set, including Walking in Jerusalem, a traditional tune they appropriated via The Dillards.


They concluded with a version of Neil Young's Roll Another Number For The Road, with a few time-sensitive lyric changes.

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