Monday, December 04, 2006

Passing fashion

Pas Chic Chic were pretty good. Not mindblowing ... I suspect that's mostly because this was only their second show. French pop music is something mainman Roger Tellier-Graig has pursued in other acts, and he's got a decent grip on it at this point. There were a few freakbeat and early psyche moments in the group's sound as well.

Roger Tellier-Craig wears his 60s pop heart on his stripey sleeve; bassist Eric Gingras at left.

Eric Fillion on sparkly gold drums.

Marie-Douce Saint-Jacques sings!

Sometimes you have to take an eye-level approach to a Farfisa.

Roger and mystery guitarist.

The entire fashionable lot!

A pretty authentic recreation of late 1960 Quebec psych-prog - makes me want to go and listen to L'Infonie's Volume 333, though that sound postdates what they're aiming for.

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