Saturday, December 30, 2006

Johnny's children

The Jet Five hail from Montreal - their spiritual inspiration is New York rockers like The NY Dolls, Johnny Thunders in particular. They used to call themselves The Jet Boys (and still have the jacket stencils to show for it) but changed because there was another band by the same name. They go by the names Jee, Olli, JOB, Ced and Yan. Who is precisely who, I don't know ... so I'm gonna guess!

Babylon had decked itself in Christmas lights (I presume a few may have survived until now - no thanks to Duchess Says). This is why Ced looks like he's surrounded by a swarm of fluourescent spermatozoa.

Gee is the quiet one. I think, times two.

Drummer definitely, JOB, perhaps.

Bassist Olli.

Guitarist Yan(?).

Singalong action!

Aeronautical action!

More singing! The secret is to keep your toes pointed in.

Real good.

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