Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cyborgs re-revisited

I'm wondering if their isn't something in the water supply that causes Ottawa to generate so many noteworthy trios: Lefty McRighty and Co., Blackball, Harshey, Jake's other outfit Weapons of Mass Seduction, The Double Pumpers, Black Boot Trio, Sadie Hell, Acres, Bob Whitmore's previous outfit Holy Hell - and of course Four'n'Giv'r. No doubt I've forgotten a few ... anyway, I can recall seeing Bob in a few of his solo outing as The Darts and The Slacks (I can even remember him showing me a poster with a pair of empty dancing pants at Bumpers he promoted the latter with) . Then there was the aforementioned Holy Hell, first as a duo with Heather Osborn, then with Patrick Shanks on bass. There were Velvet Underground influences in his music oh those many years ago. As King Khan mentioned, he's followed them in somewhat the same direction in Four'n'Giv'r with Jake Heartbreak and Johnny Feck - both VU fans themselves - as Simply Saucer did back in the early 1970s.

Jake has to bend over just to fit in the frame.

Bob sings!

Bob sings some more, and somewhat more emphatically!

Four'n'Giv'r action!

The best I've seen from them - so far.

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Melissa said...

little do you know... Marie-Josée Houle plays both with Casey Comeau and myself so she had to play both shows...
Thanks for posting this! It's nice to know there's people blogging about local acts :)