Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here come the warm jetplanes

Assembled from such well-regarded local acts as Kingston Fog (who I caught a while back at some Bluesfest showcase) and Turning Into Salt, Jetplanes of Abraham have already been acclaimed the best band in Ottawa by a panel of i(heart)music experts and lauded from near and far. Their musical makeup doesn't seem too far from Kingston Fog's, but incorporates more of the collective spirit of Arcade Fire or Henri Faberge and Co., while upping the dance quotient and reducing the potential for onstage wrestling.

Turning Into Salt's Chris Vechsler shouts!

Renee Leduc - the other Fog alumnus - with Clayton Fisher and old Salt Craig Mainprize.

Rick Devereaux reaches the tipping point, more shouting Chris!

Bending over backward is actually a vital part of musicianship.

I don't know what that yellow balloon was doing on stage, but I think it may have had something to do with all those little red plastic hearts someone behind me was throwing (I actually found several stuck to my back ... good thing I didn't have to explain that to anyone).

Caleb Abbot, drummer and occasional melodica player.

Clayton works the feedback.

Then everyone got up in left.

They did come back for an encore, but that was it for requests.

As Chris said "Hey, we just wrote a song today! You know what that means?!?" Their next show is Dec. 16 at Mavericks, where contrary to reports they will not be releasing their CD. They may have a few still laying around though.

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Calum Marsh said...

I used that Eno pun before. It's a good one.