Monday, November 10, 2008

Missionary men

The Evangelicals hail from Norman, Oklahoma. The inevitable Flaming Lips comparisons have swiftly followed. On record they have a melodramatic spookshow sound with plenty of weird effects, sound clips of strange people noises and electronic glitchery surrounding music that dies, to be fair, sound a bit like the early Lips. Live they dispense with most of the add-ons to reveal the robust tunes underneath.

From left, we have Todd Jackson, guitarist and cape aficionado, drummer and not-very-photographed-guy Austin Stephens, singer and Queensryche fan Josh Jones and finally bassist and tour blogger Kyle.

Todd works the keys.

The eerie green glow to many of these photos comes courtesy of the band's own stage lighting.

Evangelical action!

Austin gets some percussion help from Josh.

And so on!

As you can see, they're an active lot.

The green lights.

Really, why aren't there more cape-wearing psychedelic rockers?

Big finish!

The crowd seemed to expand a bit near the end ... presumably because Dark Meat had arrived for their show at Zaphod's the following night and that band has, like, two dozen members.

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