Sunday, November 23, 2008

Down by the water

There were plenty of places I might have gone yesterday, but in the end I decided to head for the Rocker Room: It's close and it was damn cold outside. The room is housed inside and under the James St. Pub, and is a snug little locale. Perhaps a bit too snug. half an hour after the doors, they were turning people away to count for its 51-person capacity (including waitstaff, bands and whoever is manning the door). I'd guess I knew about half of the people there by their first name. The show was a cassette release gig for The Holy Cobras and the first show I've seen (possibly the first show, period) by Beach Blankets.

Beach Blankets played a storming opening set full of frat-rock goodness. Think The Sonics minus the saxophone. It features Kenny and Michael from Mother's Children and The Sick Fits and Daniel, formerly of The Holy Cobras, along with a couple of guys I don't know. They had smiley-face beach balls to toss around and a gorilla mask. Definitely a party not to be missed.

Beach Blankets, Rocker Room, November 22, 2008

Holy Cobras also sounded great. Last time they played I was making Gun Club comparisons, but that's all in the past. They've revamped the rhythm section, which now features Rich from The Sick Fits and Johnnie from The Fucking Machines (and several other bands). They lay down some serious low-end throb while guitarist Rod emits techno-buzz in the vein of Chrome, Hawkwind, F/i and other sci-fi psychedelicists while vocalist Danny Druff howls echoey mantras. They also had a backdrop playing weird television clips, but the flash obliterates all that.

Holy Cobras, Rocker Room, November 22, 2008

A super-cool show.

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