Friday, November 28, 2008

Brass tacks

So here's Brasstronaut, Vancouver jazz-pop-whatever-seems-handy quartet. A refreshing change from the usual stuff.

Here we are, the whole luminescent lot! Bryan Davies on trumpet, Edo Van Breemen on keys and vocals, Brennan Saul mans the traps and John Walsh handles the low end.

And now for some bouncy flash.

The view over the xylophone.

Two microphones are better than one.

More horn!

More Saul!

Davies ditches the brass to chip in some percussion (and of course more cowbell).

The whole lot again!

More Edo!

This guy was dragged out of the audience to count into a song in German (there were no Russians available).

And everyone's happy at the end.

I picked up their EP and it's swell. The band is currently ensconced in Banff recording a full-length thanks to their winning a creative residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts.


Anonymous said...

You're getting sneakier and/or braver with your angles. Or perhaps folks refrained from dancing and from getting in your way. (In Ottawa? People not dancing?!) Nice close ups over the glockenspiel. I tried to get close to the Fleshtones with my camera and Ken's Chelsea Boot came inches from killing me in the face. Yikes!

A.C. said...

Let's just say there was a fair amount of space in front of the stage for this show ...