Sunday, June 24, 2007

Waiting for the bomb to drop

I zipped my way through the Market, over to Cafe DeKcuf, expecting to find the G-Men finishing their set or The Setbacks just starting theirs. In fact The Bella Bombs still had a few songs to go.

Honey Bomb was sounding extra-hoarse for this show - she had a very sore throat.

Singalong action with Turbo-Bomb!

You may notice that e-bomb is not her usual slender self. Hubby Ken Vermin of four-stroke tells me a September punk rock show/baby shower is in the pre-planning stages.

Suspect Device, shortly after sticking his tongue out at me.

More Turbo-Bomb!

More e-Bomb! In every sense of the word!

"Yes, I would like some whisky! Like you even need to ask!"

They're next off to the SCENE Festival in Ste. Catherines in July. And, er, that's it for now!

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