Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unidentified flying objects

June 22, 1974, and Simply Saucer is presiding over a brawl in St. Albans Church at their first show in Hamilton. June 15, 2007, and they finally get around to playing their first show in Ottawa. Thirty-three years, less a week - that's a long time we've been waiting! Okay, their have been a few lineup changes since then. Guitarist vocalist Edgar Breau and bassist Kevin Christoff are the sole remaining Saucerists, but they've picked up a great crew to round out the band in drummer Joe Csontos (a Forgotten Rebel, circa 1981), Vampire Sex Chain alumni Daniel Wintermans on guitar and Theremin and Crawlin' Kingsnake Steve Foster on guitar. But close your eyes and you'd swear they were playing on a supermarket rooftop about 1975. It's a darn shame that Ping Romany is MIA, but the band smoked and were as excellent as anyone could dare dream. That includes the four drunk guys down front yelling for Illegal Bodies between every song.

Edgar Breau; the hair is shorter, but the voice sounds the same.

Kevin, stoic bass player.

Joe hits the traps.

Daniel models the Saucer's snazzy new line of T-shirts.

Shocking faceoff action!

Daniel reaches, Edgar sings.

Group action, with Steve Foster "Ale" at right.

Steve closes in for the singalong.

Too low flash is to blame for Edgar's florid complexion, by the way.

Guitar and bending action!

Simple action!

Cyborg action!

Singalong action!

That was pretty amazing; they're still auditioning for a studio audience June 23 in Hamilton - so record No. 2 looms.

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