Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rented rooms

The BushPilots finished the Roots Rock Rumble off, starting with a kicking version of Mama Don't Go Downtown. They also had Maureen Hogan on stage to sing along with Heart Don't Break Like It Used Too, as she does on their smokin' new album 14 Dollar Motel.

Post-kick action from Jeff Monette.

Rob Bennett hams it up for the camera.

Kevin Smith, looking more clean-shaven and hatless than usual.

Some one-legged guitar from Tom.

More Jeff! And those red drapes - I wondered if Zaphod's was redecorating, but they were gone by the Besnard Lakes show.

Singalong action!

That's a whole lotta Munch Tom's is sporting.

Maureen tambourines.

A little while later I skedaddled for Cafe DeKcuf.

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