Friday, June 29, 2007

Rolling stone

Making up for lost time, here's much-travelled piano woman Jade McNelis, the middle portion of the June 20 Soviet States and Besnard Lakes show. She was born in Taiwan, adopted by a U.S. family and has followed her musical journey from Florida to Montreal where folks from The Stars, The Dears and The Stills chipped in for her EP All The Fables. I like her recorded sound, which is a bit noisier than her solid live set. She's a good performer but may need a fifth person on stage.


Bassist Matt Mitchell.

Drummer Galen Pelley.

My one good photo of guitarist Chris. McNelis has described her backing band as a bunch of young jazz players; Chris certainly looks it.

Rhythm section action!

Matt switched to cello for one of the tunes.

Jaded action!

The whole lot!

She'll be back in the capital for Bluesfest on July 15.

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