Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back with a set

The Setbacks finished things off. Unfortunately, by the time they hit the stage I was definitely beginning to feel my feet starting to drag. The acknowledged the late hour and promised to keep things short and snappy but it wasn't short enough for my poor struggling eyelids - after a half-dozen songs I stumbled to the door and home to bed. There was probably a thrilling denouement that I missed, but here's a few shots from early in the show.

Faceoff action!

Non-faceoff action!

(Well actually I guess it is faceoff action, but with Chris.)

Bending action!

The whole lot!

Singalong action!

More singalong action! Trevor: "These mics are very short." Steven: "You know, they are adjustable!" Trevor: "Short ... and not adjustable!"

Rock stance action!

Even more singalong action!

Good, but dang was I getting sleepy. I'm going to start drinking energy drinks before I go to another double header.

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