Thursday, June 21, 2007

Capital kickoff

Day 1 of Capital Idea Festival got off to a good start with locals Soviet States, Jade McNelis and Besnard Lakes. It was a fine combination of rootsy pop, piano pop and psych pop.

Societ States: I could have sworn they broke up in 1991. Kerri Carisse at left, Steve St. Pierre at right. Other band members will appear as time allows.

Jade McNelis, another potent entry into the piano playing singer-songwriter sweepstakes. I thought she and her band sounded a bit Feist-like.

The Besnard Lakes have been swell every time I've seen them, and the third occasion was as charming as any. They also had their keyboardist with them this time.

Capital Idea continues tonight at Babylon with Sunset Rubdown, Montag and Miracle Fortress and an art display from postermaker Jack Dylan.


Steve St. P said...

Andrew! Thanks for coming, next time if I don't introduce myself, please kick me in the shin. Hope you had an alright time.mysp

Calum Marsh said...

Love the new look of the site! Great banner.

Also: HILARIOUS Soviet States joke. Mwa ha ha! Communism jokes are ALWAYS funny.