Friday, June 22, 2007

Miracle Montreal massage

I popped over to Babylon for the second night of Mocking Music's Capital Idea Festival at Babylon. There was something of a Montreal focus, since the band features Montreal's Miracle Fortress, Montreal-to-Vancouver transplant Montag and Victoria-to-Montreal emigrant Sunset Rubdown.

Miracle Fortress features an all-indie-star line up live, including main man Graham Van Pelt and SS Cardiac gal Jessie Stein.

Montag had a lot of doodads to supplement his synth pop. He was fun, but I'm not sure how interesting he'd be on record.

A super set from Spencer Krug's Sunset Rubdown. Spencer plays piano so hard he unsettled his lampshade.

That was very good. Unfortunately I just noticed that my camera's starting to croak - note the thin red line that bysects Krug's hand. After reviewing my files I see it's shown up on every photo since the Simply Saucer show a week ago - @#$!!!! I guess I'll have to ship it off to the fixit folks. Capital Idea continues tonight at Bronson Centre Theatre with The Walkmen, Relief Maps and Acres.
  • Show reminder: The Shovels, Crowded Skies and Rickity Ship perform at Irene's. Flecton Bigsky plays a benefit for the Ottawa School of Art at Babylon along with Army of Saint Joan and The Kettle Black; i(heart)music presents Young Galaxy, Sadie Hell and The Nymphets at Zaphod's.

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