Sunday, June 17, 2007

Guitars, guitars, guitars

... and that was just the first half of last night. There was a lot six-string action going on on my Saturday sojourns. First I went off to Zaphod's to see The BushPilots (who I've seen a few times before) and Evil Farm Children (who I saw at The Rainbow. Opening trio The Truthful Few was new to me, and there was some mighty speedy pickin' going on there as well.

The Truthful Few - all three of them.

Dave Kerr of Evil Farm Children and his sparkly silver Gretsch.

A couple of BushPilots and an acoustic guitar.

Then I sneaked off to Cafe DeKcuf. Things must have run a little lat, because The Bella Bombs were still on stage. And another sparkly silver guitar!

And here's a pointy one, courtesy of the G-Men.

A couple more, a la Setbacks.

Well I'm all guitared out. My plan now is to get to sleep before 3 a.m. on Sunday - it'll be a change for me ...

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