Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Gone foreign

The Department of Foreign Affairs played a set at Zaphod's before going into pre-album release hibernation, no doubt mustering their strength before departing on an international tour or suchlike. Considering how many other acts these folks play with I'm sometimes surprised they get out on stage at all, but there they were. Apart from their stint backing Steven Dall, the last time I saw them perform was at Irene's more than a year ago. Of course I've seen various members more recently at the Paperjack reunion show, with Jake Lovetart, backing Trevor Alguire, etc.

Newish bass guy Chris Thibedeau.

Singalong action!

Percussive action with Kosta McKay!

More percussive action with Joe Skuce!

Kosta trades places with Brennan.

That's it until October ... a mere two months!

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