Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot club of Centretown

Off to the MBNA Grassroots Stage for one of the few acts I saw there that could be described as "grassroots" - to wit, the folk, country and chanson-embracing Centretown Wilderness Club. Everyone was looking pretty sharp and sounded good until the PA began acting up for their final number. They were playing a slower number when I arrived, and Aalya Ahmad and Dietrich Sider were taking a turn on stage.

Casey, ready for the sun.

Didn't I say I'd have a better Mike Sheridan picture?

Lots of singing going on.

Dieter looking classy as usual, not to mention far cooler (temperature wise, that is) than anyone had a right to be.

More singing from M.J. Houle!

Their debut CD, Taking Routes is forthcoming, and they promise a CD release party date in the near future.

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