Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lives become electric

Interesting triple bill at Zaphod's this evening, starting with the post-rock of City of 100 Spires, moving on to the screamy punk of Embassies of Denmark and then These Electric Lives' Cure-influenced, Metric-lovin' post punk.

Those city boys set up on the dancefloor and beckoned the audience to come closer. Then they jumped around a lot and played fuzzy, Tortoise-inspired instrumental rock.

Embassies of Denmark got up on stage and did their thing in honour of the release of their new EP.

Finally These Electric Lives performed. Unfortunately a good chunk of the audience evaporated while they did, which was a pity, since they put on a good show.

I shall speak more of this later.
  • Show reminder: Vandelay, Dora and Planetary Confusion perform at End Hits; Gutter Demons, Urban Alien and The Sewer Rats perform at Cafe Dekcuf. You could probably see the former then skip over to see the latter if you felt so inclined, since show times are 5:30 and 7:30 respectively. Heck, you could also see The Flaps perform at Andrew Hayden Park earlier in the day and make it a threefer.

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