Thursday, August 24, 2006

Suicidal tendencies

Last band of the night was Death March Volunteers, who carried on the proud tradition of featuring people who were in other bands that played that night. The effort saved in shifting gear alone was amazing. In this case, the lineup was Justin and Rene from the Long Timers, Justin's gal Amy and Scott Terry of Andrew Vincent and the Pirates/Fucking Machines/Dreamcatchers/etc. They played a short set; they rocked, but with somewhat more restraint than say, Army of Saint Joan.

Justin! Again!

Rene! And Justin! Again!

Amy! Not again!

Terry was off with the Pirates at the Carleton Tavern, thus the DMV's late set time ... though I guess it also gave everyone a breather.

Volunteer action!

As I packed up my camera gear to depart, I overhead Justin remarking to someone else "It's loud, but not obviously loud. Okay, I guess it is obvious ..." True, that.

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