Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's a shock

These Electric Lives had some fun rounding out the bill at Zaphod's on Saturday. Unfortunately a good chunk of the audience who showed up to catch Embassies of Denmark decided not to stick around. Fortunately a few noisy types stuck around to scream on cue so it didn't seem like total desertion, and the band put on a jumping show. Unfortunately I couldn't catch any leaps from the riser due to slippery floor conditions but here are a few other pics.

Singer Mark Stanfield.

That rhythm section: Drummer Adam Balsam and bassist Gary Peter, Metric roadie extraordinaire.

Guitarist Bryan Lowe and keyboardist Griffon March.

More Adam!

More Griffon!

Faceoff action (I think somewhat obscured keyboardist Griffon is saying "Okay you guys, go back to your microphones ...")

Electric action!

A bit Cure-like; they say they like Interpol and Bloc Party and I can certainly hear that as well.

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