Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hot licks

Another stirring performance from As The Poets Affirm. They were down a member (I'm going to assume Kina de Grasse's absence is temporary) for this performance, and it also struck me as being heavier on the vocals, compared to their last Zaphod's show. As I said earlier there was some brief excitement when Gary Udle's amp caught fire - a moderately sized flame could be briefly seen jetting out the back. No doubt due to his burning up the frets. The problem was quickly rectified with a borrowed Traynor, and they wrapped things up with a further two songs.

That combusting amp, pre-flames.

Once again, Nathan Gara's enthusiastic drumming causes his specs to fly off.

Tooting action from Adam (not Alex as I said earlier) and Ben.

And assorted poetic action.

Their next show is at Irene's Sept. 16.


steve said...

Kina left, Andrew. It's sad. She's not with them anymore. I have my sources.

Anonymous said...

ummm just to clear things up, the bass clarinet player's name is actually adam and not alex...

A.C. said...

This post is already setting records for general inaccuracy ... well, at least Adam Saikaley's name is correct now and the futzed up show listings are at the right day.

Kina said...


Kina in the flesh. I left ATPA, actually, steve was right. Many reasons, mostly being school, and the fact that I'm living in another city.. I will be joining them for the 3rd album Release Party (no date yet as far as I know)

but yeah. keep up the great posts :)