Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Write and sing

Dan Bern: Good set, good melodies, seems like a nice guy, but his music still leaves me underwhelmed. For a guy who has been blighted with the title of the next Dylan his lyrics seem a little short of poetry. Then again, Bern doesn't seem to take the comparison too seriously - according to Bern's website bio "He's frequently been compared to Bob Dylan, because like the young Dylan, he's funny and smart and has a regally Semitic nose," which seems like an appropriate response - so perhaps I expect too much. He takes a good picture, though.

The rhythm section, afraid I don't know any names.

Still not my cup of tea, but good applause from the crowd, many of whom I'm sure will go to see him when he plays Barrymore's Sept. 9. He'll have a new CD, Breathe, out around then as well.

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