Monday, December 15, 2008

The sweater song

Shotgun Jimmie is part of the Sackville/Sappy circle of bands, so it was no surprise to see him sharing a stage with Ladyhawk. Last time he was in town it was as 25% of Shotgun and Jaybird. At least two more quarters were present, since Julie Doiron and Dick Morello were also in the club - Julie to sing with AIB, Morello to handle the merchandise. They also dressed up a little. Why don't more bands wear sweaters on stage? (Answer: because it's damn hot).

Shotgun Jimmie rocks the wool.

If the backing band looks familiar it is because they are, in fact, Attack in Black.

And so on!

I also took a few of shots in black and white.

Bedhead action!

A nice performance for fans of shambolic roots music.

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